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The calf above shown with his mother,
lives on a farm.
In the warmth of mother love.
The calves shown below
are not living on a farm
in the warmth of their mother's love.
They were taken from their
Mothers at birth and
confined to live the rest of their
short painful lives in two feet wide crates.
They cannot turn around or
They are not given any solid food,
but are fed a liquid
diet which is deficient in iron,
which is so these poor babies
will become anemic, this is why
Veal has pale coloured flesh.
The cruelty of the treatment
of these calves is horrific.
In factory farming there is no
concern for the animals, no compassion.
Only how much money.
these animals will bring.

Picture above from Farm Sanctuary

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Only a few hours old,
this downed calf,
Still wet from birth,
is left for dead at a
New York stockyard.
It is a cold winter day,
and his temperature
is too low to read
on the thermometer.
He is rescued by
Farm Sanctuary and recovers.
He currently resides at
Farm Sanctuary
in Watkins Glen, NY.

Below, here is Opie now,
a gentle Holstein steer,
living at the New York shelter.
Pictures of Opie from Farm Sanctuary

Visit Farm Sanctuary,
To see how you can
Help stop the abuse
Of Factory Farm Animals.




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Poem from


Shear Pain and torture for sheep.
Click on lamb to find out what sheep go though
To give us wool.



Too sick or injured
to walk on their own,
thousands of
animals go "down"
at stockyards every year.
They linger in agony,
sometimes for days,
until it has been
determined whether
they are suitable
for human consumption.
If the downed animals
die before they are sold,
they are tossed upon what
the industry calls a
One of the sheep above
is Hilda,
Farm Sanctuary's
first rescued animal.
After a traumatic start to life,
Hilda has been living happily
on the 175 acre
Farm Sanctuary shelter
in New York for more
than ten years.
An investigation
discovered Hilda
had been on the
deadpile for 16 hours
without food, water,
or veterinary attention.



Farm Sanctuary's first rescue.

Pictures and text about Hilda

From Farm Sanctuary.



This is not about
Factory Farming but another
of my causes,I fight for.

More than 105,000 seals are already dead in Canada. And that’s just the beginning. IFAW observers just back from the ice have witnessed many acts of cruelty and suffering, from clubbed baby seals left in agony while hunters move quickly onto the next seal, to seals shot and left to die a slow death under the ice. Spectacular ice floes transformed into giant white nurseries just weeks ago are now stained red with the blood of seal carcasses as far as the eye can see. We’ve witnessed terrified survivors left to crawl alone through the carnage. Heard the crack of gunfire echoing across the once pristine ice floes. Listened to the pitiful cries of the pups and the repellent thuds of the clubs raining down on them. Today, they will start to kill over 200,000 more seals in Newfoundland. There’s still time to help, but we need you now.
Below is a poem I wrote,
"To a Baby Seal",
I wrote it as I thought of these
horrible killings of the seals.






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